September 23, 2020

Pine Labs smart PoS device offers all apps in one device for small merchants


The payments company is trying to be the one stop shop in terms of payments, billing, invoicing, inventory management for small businesses

Digital payments platform Pine Labs has integrated over 50 partner applications on its merchant app store available on the smart Android point of sale device which it has launched in the country.

Apps across customer relationship management, GST billing, inventory management, staff management, barcode scanning and others are being offered on the Pine Labs platforms.

Small retailers and kirana store owners can use the Android device offered by Pine Labs, use different apps on the device for all its offerings and they will not have to download apps separately on their own mobile phones for different purposes.

For instance for retail businesses, Pine Labs offers Vyapar for accounting, GST billing, again for restaurants it offers apps like Perpule which allows contactless billing and digital invoices. Then for pharmacy and hospitals there is the GoFrugal app which allows online billing and others.

“In the post-COVID-19 period our customers, especially small retailers are relying on digitization to grow their business…an out of box solution on our Plutus Smart PoS device with integrated app ecosystem is helping them jump start this business,” said Nitish Asthana, chief operating officer - Pine Labs.