Our Investment Approach

We use our capital to provide liquidity to shareholders and support companies in their future growth. We work collaboratively with management and other investors to help your company achieve its objectives.

Industry Focus

We invest in companies within five key sectors, consumer, business services, healthcare, financial services and technology industries.  We provide deep industry perspectives as well as relationships to our investments and have had success across these sectors. 

Uses of Our Capital

Our capital is used to provide liquidity to shareholders and to support the company in future financing rounds.
We do this by purchasing shares in a single company or by partnering with another General Partner to provide liquidity to shareholders in a portfolio of companies, where applicable.  We set aside capital to support the future growth of portfolio companies.

Growth Stage Focus

We partner with profitable, growing companies and work collaboratively with other investors to help management achieve its growth plans.

Investment Size

Our typical investment in a single company ranges from $10-$35 million in equity.  We have made investments of up to $100 million in a single company in conjunction with our limited partners.  

Ownership Positions

We take minority positions typically ranging from 5% - 20%.  We are a value-added investor, working with management on key objectives and working collaboratively with other investors.