August 05, 2022

Q1FY23 Quarterly Result announced for Aptus Value Housing Finance India Ltd.
Aptus Value Housing Finance India Announced Q1FY23 Result :

  • AUM at Rs. 5,519 crores (up 30% YoY)
  • Disbursements stood at Rs.525 crores (up 113%YoY)
  • NIM at 14.28% (up 1.81% YoY)
  • PAT at Rs. 119 crores(up 62% YoY)
  • Gross NPA at 1.75%/Net NPA at 1.32% (NPA computed based on RBI circular dated 12 Nov 2021)
Commenting on the results, Mr. M Anandan, Chairman & Managing Director, Aptus Value Housing Finance India Limited, said, “During QIFY23, we disbursed Rs. 525 crores registering a growth of 113% year on year. We have built a strong branch network of 211 branches to deliver quality service to our customers. The Company is well capitalised with a net worth of over Rs. 3000 crores. As on June 30, 2022, we have maintained a sufficient on balance sheet liquidity of over Rs. 1300 crores including undrawn sanctions in the form of cash and cash equivalents. With strong capital base and prudent borrowing practices, we have positive ALM across tenors.
The business in this quarter geared up for strong growth in disbursements and collection efficiencies have come back to pre covid levels with considerable improvement in soft buckets. 30 DPD which was at 9.91% as on 31 March 2022 has come down to 6.48% though GNPAs have risen marginally. Gross NPA was at 1.75% as on June 30, 2022. We continued to grow consistently and delivered an AUM growth of 30% Year on Year. PAT has grown at 62% and our ROA and ROE is one of the best in the Industry. Our rating was upgraded to AA- from A by CARE during the quarter. ICRA has maintained our rating at AA- ."