January 31, 2017

SCIO Health Analytics Launches SCIOXpert Consultative Services Offering

PR Newswire

As part of its "insights as a service" approach to helping healthcare organizations transform data into actionable insights, SCIO Health Analytics today announced the formal launch of its new SCIOXpert™ consultative service offering.

Drawing upon its access to an unmatched wealth of multi-source data, predictive and prescriptive analytics, technology applications and domain expertise, SCIOXpert applies deep clinical, technical and analytics expertise to pinpoint precise recommendations, prescribe actions and operationalize insights. In prior services engagements leading up to the launch, this approach has enabled SCIO's clients to reduce waste, recover costs, improve efficiency, drive risk stratification and population segmentation, target areas of greatest impact and opportunity to intervene and improve the delivery of care while decreasing costs.

"SCIO's capability to enable clients to reach deep insights across the care continuum by working with our seasoned team of consultants supports the evolving market intersection of payers, providers, life sciences and health services organizations," said Eileen Cianciolo, Chief Product Officer with SCIO Health Analytics. "Our unique capabilities and access to a broad swath of data give us the ability to provide a full 360 degree view of the patient, member, provider and network. The result is we can help all of these organizations work together to optimize how care is delivered and reimbursed, smoothing their transition to a value-based model."

These offerings, coupled with SCIO's innovative technology platforms, ensure effective application of the insights derived from the analytics to drive measureable outcome improvements.

The ability to generate insights in a manner that leads to action and better outcomes is a key component that has been missing from many analytics tools that are focused solely on the data. By establishing a SCIOXpert engagement, organizations across the healthcare continuum can obtain data-driven insights faster and at a lower cost than if they attempted to build these capabilities in-house or simply purchase analytics applications. SCIOXpert services can be co-sourced or delivered through a fully outsourced, outcomes-based engagement model.

"Market and business needs are driving healthcare organizations to look for partners to deliver prescriptive analytic solutions through technology and integrated workflows as well as consultative services," said Jen Cressman, Vice President, Professional Services at SCIO. "SCIOXpert provides the right combination of technology and expertise to help them solve healthcare problems simply and efficiently."