August 31, 2020

UnitedLex Expands into New Regions; Grows Operations in Bulgaria

UnitedLex (Press Release)

UnitedLex, the leading legal and technology services company, announces expansion into new global regions and dynamic growth within Bulgaria.

After expanding its presence in the Bulgarian capital of Sofia in 2017, UnitedLex has continued to thrive in the region, achieving high employee satisfaction rates and becoming a trusted employer of choice. Further, customer demand for UnitedLex’s innovative software and services has created new employment opportunities in India, Mexico, Brazil, Australia, Sweden, and the UK.

“We are pleased to unlock new opportunities for our staff and customers around the world,” said UnitedLex’s Chief Human Resources Officer Mason Argiropoulos. “In particular, our Sofia office provides local employees with a community of inspired legal, business, and technology professionals who have a strong entrepreneurial spirit and are united by a passion for innovation. As we continue to empower corporate legal departments, we have the opportunity to attract top talent and serve our current and future clients across a diverse global landscape.”

Sofia is a well-established hub of commerce that has experienced significant growth in both the technology and legal sectors. The city has served as an ideal location for UnitedLex to build a culture that emphasizes client service, integrity, and excellence, as well as promotes a positive and healthy environment for employees. With 13 languages used in the Sofia office, it allows for seamless collaboration between the team, clients, and prospects. The team consists of professionals educated in some of the most prestigious universities in the world. Team members have earned law degrees in countries such as the UK, US, Netherlands, France, Sweden, Norway, Germany, Austria, Poland, Canada, Spain, Italy, and Bulgaria.

“Our team in Sofia has demonstrated that cultivating a strong culture leads to increased engagement, stronger alignment of expectations, and achieved excellence throughout the organization. We have quickly become an employer of choice in our region and look forward to continued growth and onboarding more exceptional talent in the future,” said Ivelina Manchorova, head of the Sofia office.