March 28, 2021

UnitedLex Selects Reveal For its AI-Powered eDiscovery Platform


Reveal, the global provider of the leading AI-powered eDiscovery platform, announced that UnitedLex, a leading technology and legal services company, has become the latest in a lineup of legal industry titans to partner with the AI technology powerhouse. UnitedLex will be taking full advantage of Reveal’s end-to-end, SaaS solutions that are innovating the practice of law worldwide.
“UnitedLex is one of the most forward-thinking players in our space, so we couldn’t be more excited to work with their team and provide them access to our powerful AI-driven platform – backed by the largest team of data scientists in the industry,” said Wendell Jisa, founder & CEO of Reveal. “Our platform has completely redefined AI innovation in the practice of law. We look forward to working with UnitedLex as we push our aligned mission forward.”

UnitedLex will leverage the Reveal platform – with Brainspace technology – through its enterprise licensing model to enhance its processing, early case assessment, AI, review, visual analytics, and production functionality. For the first time, all of these superior AI-powered technologies are now available in one single stack – creating a customer experience unrivaled in the industry.

“To fill the void in preexisting legal technology, UnitedLex has developed a significant library of custom-tailored AI solutions for our clients based on their industry, types of litigation, investigations and regulatory demands. Combining our 13 years of development in Questio and Vantage with a powerful suite of technology assembled by Reveal, we will accelerate the expansion of the digital solutions we deliver to our clients,” said Dave Deppe, president of UnitedLex. “This would not have been possible absent the incredible ease of engagement with the great people of Reveal.”

UnitedLex is one of more than 25 organizations that have selected Reveal’s AI-powered solutions since the start of 2021. The influx of new client wins for Reveal reflects the growing demand for what the company is offering – frictionless automation of custom eDiscovery workflows.
These new, strategic partnerships come on the heels of other significant moves made by Reveal shaping the legal industry. In less than six months, Reveal has merged with the two leading AI solutions, Brainspace and NexLP – catapulting the company to its position as the largest legal-focused AI provider globally. Reveal’s customers include the leading legal service providers, law firms, corporations and government agencies around the globe.